Issler Dainze CSM Candidate Statement


Hello fellow pilots of Eve!

I am Issler Dainze. CSM candidate. I think you will want to vote for me because I represent your hopes and dreams for a better Eve, as well as those of the many Eve pilots who want to enjoy the best features Eve has to offer and to improve the things we don't like about the game.

I hope that I can give you some insight into what I am about and what I could bring to the CSM.  Let me start with my background in Eve.

I have been a pilot in Eve since 2-2-2004 with my primary character Gadgette.  My focus was industry and trade.  I spent that early time happy in my first NPC Corporation and really unaware of the advantages of a good pilot run corporation.  Eventually I was recruited to a small ship building outfit and began the long path that lead to Issler and my current application to the CSM.  I should note that Gadgette remains active with approximately 35.5 million sp distributed to be able to fly a large number of ships (for deliver primarily)  and to be very successful industrialist.  Her current focus is POS related industry.


My first experiences with a player run corporation were mixed.  The opportunity to form closer friendships with other players and to participate in group activities was fantastic.  I also learned that being part of the wrong corporation can have dramatic negative effects on my experiences in the Eve universe.  That first corporation taught me what I didn’t want to experience in Eve.   I dedicated myself to the task of creating a corporation that existed for the benefits of its members first.  To really be able to accomplish that Issler was born, and optimized for management.  Nearly four years later Issler can boast that she continues to run the Tadakastu Obata Corporation and is the founder and leader of The Honda Accord (BEEP).  While never a huge corporation Tada O has been steadily over 100 members for the last year and a half and is close to celebration of its fourth birthday.   Tada O has been part of several of the bigger alliances at times (Goons and was a founding member of BRUCE) but in the end we realize we prefer to do things our own way.  So BEEP was formed earlier this year.  My focus as Issler is to continue to improve the Tada O experience for our members and to grow our abilities as a corporation and alliance.

I hope that covers enough of my history.  Let me move on to what I could bring to the CSM. 

First my focus in Eve:

I have always been focused on industry and trade.  Some might call me a carebear.  I have fought when I needed to but I believe in diplomacy first.  I also believe that win/win outcomes are always possible.  Some might say that makes me naïve but I’d prefer to search for the best in people when given the opportunity.  I watch from the sidelines with interest as the major powers of Eve pay chess with the stars but I never expect to experience Eve at that level.  There is plenty for me to do and enjoy on a smaller scale.  I expect many pilots in Eve feel the same way.  If you feel that way you are who I would see as my base.  The pilots I would represent in the CSM.

If elected you can count on me to provide the input that independent players, small corporations and the whole gaggle of players often called “care bears” deserve in Eve. I always like to point out bears have teeth and claws and if we unite we are a powerful force.

Second,  here is a smattering of some of the things I feel are important to address in Eve:

Bring back the fun – When I ask myself is Eve more fun for me than it was when I started I have to say no. We've seen lots of changes but how many of them have made Eve better? Very few if we are being honest. So how to get back the early excitement that Eve once offered. Below are some of the things I continue to stand for.

Increase the base resource levels – We still have the same number of moons and ore sites as we had when the population in Eve was a fraction of what it was today. Sure we have wormholes and some new 0.0 space that wasn't there when I started but key resources are at the same levels. We need to create new sources for moon minerals and rare ores. We also need to go back and make some of the PvE content sources relevant again.

Revive Low security space - For many pilots in Eve the risk/reward ratio seems askew.  So much of 0.0 is out of reach to most pilots unless they choose to become part of a larger alliance.  Often once they join an alliance they find that their activities become dominated with the logistics and defense requirements of the Alliance.  I believe high security and low security space is the location that independent pilots and smaller organization can prosper in.  Current security and gate mechanics make the rewards low security space currently offers far less than the risks a pilot often faces.  To think that Rancer has been a continuous death zone for years seems difficult to explain.  Wouldn’t someone have expected Concord to have driven the pirate infestations out by now?  I would suggest measures like progressive security responses from Concord that eliminate “perma-camps” at the gates that serve as choke points to many parts of low security space.  For example, the first hour the gate guns work as always, the second hour Concord beings in reinforcements, the third hour if the pirates remain Concord REALLY brings in the big guns.  Additionally the Concord forces remain in place for some fixed period of time to keep the gates clear.  Pirates would be forced to work for their prey.  Pilots in low security certainly should face risks but the perma camp at key gates is an example of some risks being excessive.

Improve InventionFor corporations that want to become involved in T2 production the invention process makes profitability nearly if not totally impossible.  Make it possible for example to actually invent a BPO for some T2 items.  Improve success rates and the quality of the resulting BPC.  Make some new things that can only be invented that can only come as a random result for normal invention activity.  Create a skill that improves your chances of that happening.  Or make it another research points sink, some sort of new general “data core”.  I mean scientists all have their “eureka” moments!

Improve Our Ability to be IndividualsThe fact that I still can’t have something as minor as a stripe of a color of my choosing or a corporate logo on my ship amazes me!  This isn’t that hard!  Also the total lack of response from CCP regarding Alliance logo submissions is unacceptable!  CCP still hasn’t fixed something as simple as the corporate titles being displayed when a pilot’s information is viewed.  Some of us have created rank structures and honorary positions we think are important and want that sort of information visible.   How about at least a CEO controlled rank and medal system?  I know Tada O has some great pilots that I would love to honor with a medal that could be seen by all.  (I note that when I drafted this the medal system CCP is working on had not been announced.  I hope they get it right!)

Improve Alliance MechanicsWhy can’t I set up a POS in an alliance so anyone in the alliance can access it fully?  Why can’t I set up an alliance HQ and create an alliance accessible set of hangars?  Why can’t a corporation set standings for the entire alliance? 

War Dec Mechanics – I have seen far too many small corporations forced to disband as the result of a war dec from a “griefer” corporation.  I understand war.  I support war if it is for a clear objective.  I do not however believe that destroying young carebear corporations is a legitimate goal.  I would propose that the mechanics of the basic war declaration be examined and revised.  For example I should be able to surrender.  Not for free but it should be an option for some cost.  What if we were to establish some standard maximum fee that a corporation could pay to “surrender”?  This fee would then be given to the winning corporation or alliance.  This would also prevent another war dec being issued between the same parties for a “cooling off” period.

ImmersionEvery system in Eve has the same background, just biased to a different color.  It is that time systems really became unique in their appearance.  Change or dump the background for some of the systems.  Isn’t it time that the billboards became interesting?  How about having the recruiting ads cycle through the billboards in the systems that are recruiting?  How about richer news on the billboards?  How about real corporate sponsored marketing in stations.  Let a corporation have its logo next to its buy and sell orders in market.  How about a real Eve news channel as an extra audio feed?   Even something as simple as every NPC corporation has a small audio plug/commercial/jingle that gets looped into the sound track at random intervals whenever you are docked at a station where they have an office.

These are just some of the things that occur to me when I am in Eve.  I think the thing about what I’ve mentioned is these aren’t about “capital ship balancing” and “meta-gaming”.  I don’t really have any involvement with those sorts of things.  I’d like CCP to think about some of the more basic things that could improve the experience for the average pilot.  If I was elected to the CSM I promise to be there for the average pilot.

So in closing, I think I have a perspective that is more inline with the large segment of Eve pilots that are not as “intense” in their approach to life in the ‘verse.  I’d like to see more focus from CCP on addressing some of the more basic issues that could really improve the experience for that group of pilots.  Thanks again for taking the time to read this, I hope you are impressed enough to vote for me.  Even if you aren’t motivated to vote for me I hope you will find someone to vote for.  Eve is only what you choose to make of it.  I believe the CSM can be part of making space a better place!


Issler Dainze



CEO - Tadakastu Obata Corporation

Founder – Honda Accord